Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gather Round the Blessed Font

‘Gather Round the Blessed Font’
By Michael Larson

Dear Beloved Christians say,
Dipped three times unto Jesus’ church
Water cleanses sin and death,
this old Adam has been razed from earth
Alleluia, proudly say,
death hath no more dominion over me
Gather round the blessed font,
The gracious Father has met our plea

Nasty villain, depart from me,
your lies will not overwhelm His hold
For He has dipped me into death,
drowned your stench, and raised me bold
Alleluia, proudly say
‘Satan, your armies will not tread on me'
For you’ve been besieged by the Red Sea eternally

Jesus King, all the glory be,
a pierced side has remade all earth and man
Heavenly Host and angels sing,
‘Let us eat and bow to the Lamb’
Alleluia, Christ the Lord
you come with water, blood, and blessed sword
But dear beloved fear not His face,
for he has chosen you on His accord

Therefore baptized into Christ,
we may appeal to our heavenly father
Reconciled with Him at last,
our tragic past may we not bother!
Alleluia, the Divine name,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Traced into my flesh with water and blood
binding sonship, He guards my post

And into this font, this tomb this womb,
a birth by the Spirit from above
Brought through the waters by a heavenly dove,
hovering Spirit, Oh what love!
For all these things I dine today,
in heaven with Him my Lord His way
Saved by water I will not saunter,
but remain in watchfulness – Oh Lord keep me!

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