Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gift of Foolishness

Luther’s breakthrough is that God encounters us. In the passive life of a Christian, the subject of theology is defined by the God who speaks and not the other way around. The linguistic dynamic is central to our communicative relationship with Christ. Mary who sits at the Lord’s feet to hear His Word serves as a profound model for Christians emulate (Lk. 10:38). We should preach, meditate, and suffer this relationship with the Lord in light of inheriting the contemporary theologies of theory (Hegel), existentialism (Schleiermacher), and moralism (Kant). Luther writes, "Those who wish to philosophize by using Aristotle without danger must first become thoroughly foolish in Christ." In this way philosophy is to aid our dialogue of theology, yet remain subservient to the Word that the Lord graciously gives us.

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