Sunday, October 26, 2008

oratio meditatio tentatio

Luther’s thinking on oratio, meditation, tentatio has nothing to do with "knowing" or "doing," but rather being continually acted upon by God. This single movement of prayer, singing, hearing, meditation, teaching, and suffering is a passive reception whereby God has his way with us. This is difficult for Romanists and neo-protestants to deal with because it necessitates the evisceration of any source of pride or sense of control, as well as further demands to shatter works-righteousness, which lies at the heart of all heresy. American Evangelicals see themselves as both subject and actor in their relationships with God. They invite Jesus into their hearts and reduce theology to a dynamic of action (morality) to "make the world a better place." Luther’s oratio, meditatio, tentatio is wholly anti-speculative - grounded firmly in the external word, which God works in us.

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