Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There is a very great and rare opportunity to see a large exhibition of Winslow Homer at the Chicago Art Institute. It cost some extra money to get into this exhibit at the museum but it will be well worth it. I plan to go in a couple of weeks. He is one of my very favorite artists, and in my opinion one of the best American artists along Thomas Eakins and Turner. Like I said though, he really is my favorite.

He's a great naturalist painter, who turned to stunning landscapes after the civil war. What is best however is his civil war paintings (most done in watercolor), in which he worked for Harper's magazine as a news correspondent. Awesome depictions of the civil war which express volumes about the time.

After the war he lived in fishing villages from Maine, Florida, and Cuba painting stunning realist and naturalist scenes. The snobbish art critics for NY times suprisingly have a decent article about him here.

If you have the liberty to see this exhibition I would go for it.

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