Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gay Marriage

"Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized in this state. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state."

California today votes regarding a ballot initiative on gay marriage. The state should celebrate and legislate marriage in its natural and historic form. The marriage and uniting of flesh between man and woman has cultivated humanity since its birth. Cultures have revered this arrangement across the globe. The major religions in the world, developed over thousands of years, have condemned the homosexual arrangement throughout their course. Why? Are the religious and cultural leaders of the past all ignorant, intolerant, and bigoted? Were the tribes of Moses, the followers of Muhammad or Confucius, and followers of the apostle Paul less morally enlightened than our post-modern liberal elites? They all spoke openly against homosexual behavior.

Throughout history and cross-culturally it has been clear to village leaders and common people to encourage heterosexuality and discourage homosexuality. This is to ensure the survival of village, state, and nation and its moral fabric. The homosexual arrangement is without fruit as relates to the contribution to a community. It produces no life (quite intuitive) and places sexuality as paramount to individual sacrifice, self-restraint, and the natural order.

This writer has spoken with many gay men who are quite interested in the economic benefits of gay marriage but wholly uninterested in the adherence of monogamist lifestyles. The reality is that the gay cultural lifestyle is inextricably linked with rampant and promiscuous sexual deviancy. Homosexuals are at far greater risk for sexually transmitted diseases and the AIDS epidemic. Settling down into a home with a white picket fence and dog and cat is not appealing. Since the homosexual arrangement does not bring forth life, and neglects the sacrifices of child rearing the arrangement remains inherently one of self indulgence.

At a time of declining birth rates, sky rocketing abortions, out of wedlock births, and single mothers, marriage should be championed and celebrated with a renewed commitment to the basic tenants of family and the traditional order. Marriage, as an institution, and the fundamental biological building block of humanity must not be up for renegotiation. That two same sex people are "consenting adults" and love each other and should therefore be entitled to all the benefits of marriage is not reason enough. By this same reasoning we might make an allowance for three people to marry, after all they may be in love and consent. Yet as citizens who desire a morally functioning state we reject both forms of deviancy. We remain committed with comfort as our ancestors did to our beloved system of marriage.

If and when gay marriage is fully sanctioned by the state it will in time prove to be the major catalyst by which the western world cried its last wheezing gasp of death. Undermining the family and its life force will have grave consequences as more primal civilizations lie in wait to conquer our liberal democracies (this is currently playing out in the European continent where marriage has been increasingly abandoned). It is best that all men and women live upright lives, despite varied sexual inclinations. There are more liberating pursuits than whimsical sexual interests - namely individual health and survival.

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