Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank You Fort Wayne Bach Collegium

Today I had the pleasure of hearing the Fort Wayne Bach Collegium perform J.S. Bach's Easter Oratorio (BWV 249) and the Ascension Oratorio (BWV 11). I am sincerely grateful for all the singers and musicians who share their talent, passion, and faith through this presentation of Bach's sacred oratorios. Thank you Kantor Reuning for handing over Bach's music to the people of Fort Wayne - that Bach's music may preach to the human ear with angelic choruses that reach beyond the grave, into the true Sabbath rest.

In the fifth scene Peter Ponders Death as Slumber, seeing the empty shroud that bound Jesus. Peters sings:

"Sweet will be my death and gentle, but a slumber./ Jesus, Thou has stilled my fears./ Death will be my liberation, ease my pain and dry my tears, Bring to pass my sure salvation."

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