Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"In the inner life and worship of the congregation stand Word and Sacrament like rocks in the sea.  Like the sea breaking on the rocks, so do the holy forms of the liturgy crash in upon the center of Word and Sacrament.  Like the sea is broken on the rocks, like its rough waters and spray are determined by the rocks, so is liturgical life no arbitrary matter.  The waves of the liturgy concentrically orbit the inner circle of the spiritual life which revolves around the poles of Word and Sacrament.  Word and Sacrament determine the order of salvation, and these determine the order of worship" (Wilhelm Lohe).


  1. Very nice, Michael. Thanks for sharing this here. Loehe was both a great pastor and a great theological mind. The Church needs both, and sometimes she produces them in the same man. Loehe's writings ought to have whole classes devoted to their close reading at the graduate level.

  2. Hi Latif,
    I agree. Professor Pless has been helpful to get his work translated and appreciated. He is leading a trip to Neuendettelsau at the end of May for students at Fort Wayne. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it. Over the last few months I have really been pouring over these resources, particularly Korby’s work. Korby also has a series of taped lectures on Loehe that are available through LOGIA. There is a forthcoming biography on Loehe coming out from cph (being translated from German) – published a few years ago (Erika Geiger). I am fascinated by Lohe on private confession, liturgy, care to sick and dying, discipline, ecclesiology – his primary concern about democratizing of the church. Three Books on Church and Korby’s phd thesis I have read a few times and cannot exhaust – highly recommend.

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