Saturday, December 12, 2009

Katherina Luther

Next Sunday we commemorate Katharina von Bora Luther, the faithful wife of our Martin.  Martin wrote the following about his dear bride:

“In my wife at home I have a lovelier adornment, one that God has given me and has adorned with his word beyond the others, even though she may not have a beautiful body or may have other failings.  Though I may look over all the women in the world, I cannot find any about whom I can boast with a joyful conscience as I can about mine: ‘This is the one whom God has granted to me and put into my arms.’  I know that he and all the angels are heartily pleased if I cling to her lovingly and faithfully.  Then why should I despise this precious gift of God and take up with someone else, where I can find no such treasure or adornment.”[1]

[1] LW 21,87.

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