Monday, December 28, 2009

Luther on The Holy Innocents

Thanks to Pr. Weedon for posting this little gem from Luther's Homily on the feast day of The Holy Innocents, Martyrs (celebrated and remembered today, December 28th).

"If Caesar Augustus of Rome, himself, had wanted to present them with his whole empire, he would not have served them so well as Herod did by his butchery. He tore the little children from their mothers' bosoms, and sent them to heaven, making nothing less than martyrs of them, whose blood is precious in the sight of God! For the parents it was a terrible thing, but it happened for the eventual good of the children. They felt no anguish in their souls. So the Lord took them away at the time of His own advent into the world, as a sweet smelling sacrifice to Himself. Thus much good would yet come from Herod's murdering." (House Postilla 3:260)

My brother and friend, Vicar Sean Daenzer wrote a fine homily for Holy Innocents HERE.
Pastor Cota of Suring, WI has also written an excellent Homily on Holy Innocents HERE.

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