Thursday, December 17, 2009

Saint Augustine Quote

Our ‘life itself came down to us,’ assumed our death, and ‘made death die’ by the fullness of his life, in thunder calling us back with him to the mystery of his coming.  For he came from a virgin’s womb, where mankind was wed to him, mortal flesh, to end mortality.  Thence ‘he emerged as a bridegroom from his chamber, towering in strength to run his race.’  He ‘did not hold back,’ but called as he ran, in his words, in his deeds, in death, in life, ‘in descending, in ascending,’ calling us to go back with him.  He withdrew from our sight, to make us ‘re-enter our heart’ and find him there.  He took himself off, et here he is.  He would no longer stay with us, yet would not leave us.  He returned to what he never left.  For ‘the world was made by him,’ he was in the world and ‘came to the world to rescue sinners.’  To him my soul testifies, and ‘he heals it whom it offended.’  ‘How long, my fellows, will your hearts by heavy?’  Fallen in life, can you refused to rise up and live?  But where shall you rise if ‘on the heights you have delivered your own heavenly judgments’?  Lower yourself that you may rise and reach God.  For you fell in rising against God.  Tell others to ‘weep in the valley of weeping,’ for that is what you say to them, by the Spirit’s prompting, if your speech is ablaze with love.[1]

[1] Hippo.), Saint, & Wills, Garry. (2006). Confessions. Penguin Classics, p. 73

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