Monday, January 11, 2010

From Bernard of Clairvaux

"...It is therefore impossible to offer up all our being to God, to yearn altogether for His face, so long as we must accomodate our purposes and aspirations to these fragile, sickly bodies of ours.  Wherefore the soul may hope to possess the fourth degree of love, or rather to be possessed by it, only when it has been clothed with that spiritual and immortal body, which will be perfect, peaceful, lovely, and in everything wholly subjected to the spirit.  And to this degree to human effort can attain: it is in God's power to give it to whom He wills.  Then the soul will easily reach that highest stage, because no lusts of the flesh will retard its eager entrance into the joy of its Lord, and no trouble will disturb its peace." (Treasury of Daily Prayer, p. 1105).

I have written more on Saint Bernard HERE.

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