Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gerhard O. Forde (1927-2005) on Preaching...

‘And so there was only one course of action left: I could only give them the treasure!  Do it to them!  I could only surprise them absolutely by daring to say to the hearers, “You lucky stiffs, you have stumbled onto it here and now because I am here to say that Jesus died and went into the blackness of death and still overcame for you.  I am here to say your sins are forgiven!  There it is!  The hidden treasure!  The kingdom of heaven.  The preacher has to have the audacity to exercise the office of ministry, the audacity to believe that the very moment of the preaching is itself the sacrament, the audacity to claim that from all eternity God has been preparing for just this very moment and thus to say, “Here it is, it for you!’[1]

[1] Forde, Gerhard, and Steven Paulson. The preached God. Eerdmans Pub Co, 2007. 97. Print.

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