Monday, January 11, 2010

Global Warming and Abortion

Today I flew American Airlines from Omaha (record low temperatures this weekend) to Chicago and had the great joy of peering out of my window to see the snow covered hills and farms, lakes, and scattered towns.  There is an abundance of farms, food, and resources to support the needs of the body, such as food and drink, clothing and shoes, house and home, good weather, peace, and health.  For all the old hype about overpopulation, a short plane ride is helpful to see the stunning overabundance that God gives.  My point; there is plenty of room out there.  We have what we need to support this body and life.        

It is no coincidence that the most fanatical activists for the man-made global warming racquet hold an equal radicalism for abortion and euthanasia ‘rights.’  These interests are most always bound up all together in a single package, and you are hard pressed to find a person who supports one but not the other.  Of course, back in the 1970’s when abortion erroneously received its legal framework, under a ‘right to privacy,’ global warming was not all the rage, but rather global cooling.  It was thought that we were entering a new ice age and would all freeze to death.  When that did not sell, they cooked up the global warming.

Today, abortion, euthanasia, and global warming are linked by a common confusion and anxiety about the very existence of human life.  Life is more so a bizarre and often times unfortunate accidental growth that invades the ‘privacy’ of ‘its’ host.  A lump of cells – of tissue – to be poisoned, pierced, or sucked into a vacuum.  Only the darkest and demonic spiritual poverty can produce such a delusion.  At root of the manmade global warming scandal lies a psychological disturbance at the very existence of human life.  The idea of course is that man has been nothing but a plague upon that pristine natural world upon Gaia – that mother earth.  Some unknowable pantheistic god accidently burped and you happened – and that mostly likely it was a mistake.  The thinking goes that mans existence is a cancer upon the earth, that ought to be better controlled and selected from the womb and properly extinguished at the proper time when that organism is no longer useful and functioning in a productive role.    

Generally civilizations do not die from being overrun by barbarians or by the rifle but by self suicide.  People simply choose not to be fruitful and live anymore.  They lose that healthful desire to be co-operate agents in God’s creative work and choose death instead: both spiritual and physical.  Pro-choice is always what brings nations to their knees.  They are confused about their very existence and have neither the will or desire to marry, to work, or to sacrifice themselves for the love and nurturing of children.  We see this today in the whole of the European continent, whose shriveling populations and welfare states are crying out that final death gasp, as they hand themselves over to more virile inhabitants.        

I have always been moved by Dr. David Scaer’s dedication in volume nine of the confessional Lutheran dogmatics series on baptism, “To those children who have been removed deliberately from the temples of their mothers’ bodies.  Deprived of the birth below, they are deprived of the sacrament of the birth from above.  May the God who calls all children to His Son by Baptism continue graciously to take these holy innocents into His arms,…’for of such is the kingdom of the heavens.’

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