Saturday, January 2, 2010

(sister Stephanie, myself, mother and father - first family picture in probably 10-15 years)

The day after Christmas I was able to be home to spend some time with family.  That morning I was able to hear the gospel preached and receive the sacrament at St. Stephens in Milwaukee on the feast day of St. Stephen - certainly can't think of a more fitting place for the day.  We had plans to venture to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin for a large family get-together.  Unfortunately, the snow and ice was coming down too heavy.  The family via telephone had a Lutheran style committee meeting and after some deliberation rightly decided that it was not good traveling weather.  My father, being on the top of his game that day reacted quickly and moved to plan B.  He snapped into action, making the short trip to the store to secure ribs and other essentials.  My sister, with fiance David, came over bearing spinach dip, smoked sausage, and fine cheeses.  Toward the end of the day seminarians Jacob Gaugert and Mathias Hohls came over for beer.  It was a good day.    


  1. i like the article..........especially the "luthernan style committee meeting", good thing we had a plan B....and "it was a good day"

  2. Ohhh...St. Stephens! I have warm memories of that church. Happy New Year!


  3. Hi Adriane, I should have known you were displaced Iowan - I was wondering. I love that.


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