Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A quote from Wilhelm Loehe

"Since in our time there is also no shortage in candidates who are devoid of all Evangelical faith and life, but nevertheless desire to be ordained and dare to carry the name of an Evangelical-Lutheran clergyman, I cannot avoid here stating that I absolutely do not wish to be classed with them.  The Augsburg Confession if I, poor being, am permitted to use there words, is also my Confession...I do not despise the people who are against this our faith, but rather maintain a sincere love for them, but pray fervently with the holy Augustine "O that Thou wouldst kill them with a two-edged sword (Heb. 4:12) so that they could no longer be Thine enemies!  I wish they would die unto themselves so that they could live unto Thee.'  Assuredly I hate no one but I detest from the bottom of my soul all harmful and destructive doctrine.  With the help of God I shall preach the true doctrine and not be silent until the Lord himself will take me, His peace-loving soldier out of the Church militant into the holy silence of the Church triumphant.  Moreover, it shall be my sincere endeavor to have my way of life match my faith, so that I shall not be condemned while preaching to others."

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