Monday, April 25, 2011

Luther on Easter

(Albrecht Durer Resurrection of Christ, 1510)

"Thus we see another picture at Easter, that no sin, no curse, no disgrace, no death, but only life, grace, blessedness, and righteousness are in Christ.  With such a picture we should lift up our hearts.  For it is put before us and presented in such a way, that we should receive nothing else than this, that God has himself awakened us today along with Christ.  For as little as you see sin, death, and the curse in Christ, so you should also believe that God, for Christ's sake, will see these in you, when you receive his resurrection for yourself and receive its consolation.  Such grace faith brings to us.  When that day will come, however, one will no longer believe, but will see, touch, and feel."

(Luther's House postils Easter sermon, quoted in A Study of Luther's Pastoral Theology" A Reader in Pastoral Theology)

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